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Ocean Sole - Lets Rock The Ocean Event

Ocean Sole - Lets Rock The Ocean Event

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Join us! Spend an evening with Ocean Sole meeting conservationists, social entrepreneurs and like minded community members that are passionate about saving our oceans.

- Saturday March 9th 

- 5:00pm to 7:30pm 

- Distant Relatives Eco Lodge (DIRECTIONS)

We will have a fun interactive way to meet people, learn about organisations and even tell us about your work. Let’s do good togetherness

Co sponsored by the US based Rock the Ocean organisation come listen to tunes, have some drinks and bitings and even dance. Arrive as changemakers, leave as a community.

RSVP by buying a free ticket :)

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  • Why?

    We want to foster collaboration and connection among like-minded individuals and organizations committed to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, aiming to collectively address the challenges posed by discarded flip-flops in marine ecosystems.

  • Community

    Ocean Sole has been rooted in Kilifi for many years, and we are initiating an annual event to strengthen our ties with the community and contribute to its well-being. This event aims to provide support and foster collaboration, reflecting our commitment to the local community's sustainable development and prosperity.

  • About our Sponsor

    Rock the Ocean is a non-profit organization leveraging music to advocate for ocean conservation. Through events and festivals, they unite artists, fans, and environmentalists to raise awareness and support. The organization focuses on promoting education, funding research, and encouraging sustainable practices to make a positive impact on global ocean conservation efforts.